Swamp Table

I know it’s not photography, but I took the pictures, so I can post it here.

This a table I made a few months ago, and was the first of what is becoming a signature for me. This table is made from an ‘upcycled’ old door that had been cut in half. I had no idea what it was to become, I just knew I liked it. Eventually, after playing with a bunch of different ideas, I decided to try something I had been wanting to do for awhile. The door used to have a window in it, the glass was gone before I got it, so now it was just a big square whole in the middle of what otherwise would make a great table. The fix….. put a swamp in it. I made a plexiglass bottom for the whole and filled it with clear epoxy and moss. The moss and epoxy go on in layers to give it a cool depth and the final top coat is cleared of all bubbles, etc. so it looks like water. I love when people see it and ask if they can touch it because they think it’s still wet. I finished it off with 4 hairpin legs that have a bent tip foot on them, aptly named by their maker ‘just the tip’ legs.

I’ll post my furniture and other creations here from time to time. If you see anything you like or would like to discuss a custom piece, please reach out to me! I love to create custom pieces that exceed clients expectations in a way they never could have imagined!





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Splattered Imagination….. a success!

A huge thanks to everyone who made it out to my art show last week. It was a great turnout by a whole bunch of really great people. I’m blessed to have so many supportive people in my life from such a broad spectrum of places, to have them all together was absolutely amazing!

I will post more detailed pics of the individual pieces, but wanted to give a feel for how it looked as it was displayed.

what? you don’t think saber toothed tigers had wings….. prove it ;)  He’s chilling with his raptor skeleton friend in the background


along with the spray can magnets and little magnet creatures, I made the wall of doors that they were on as well.

the tentacle if made from chicken wire and the suction cups are just that, suction cups painted translucent. the port hole is made from a round wooden frame with upholstery tacks as rivets

Moose, Deer and Antelope antlers and a Narwhal horn

Montana Black Rhino

the rhino was originally sculpted in wax and then I made a mold that resulted in the all plastic piece here. There is a Montana Black spray can mounted inside the crystal clean horn

the elephant trunk is made with steel and aluminum wire and sisal rope, hand twisted and knotted. The tusks are made from spray paint cans starting with a huge can at the base they work their way down tot he pocket cans. He broke off the end of one of the tusks and started tagging the walls, so I had to bring him home.





be on the lookout.






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Puppies Love Santa too!….2013

Yet another successful fundraiser for the Mansfield Animal Shelter! Thank you again to everyone who who came out to get their puppies picture taken with Santa. A big thanks to Santa for being great with both reindeer and dogs! I tried not to draw any comparison to his suit and the suit they use to train police dogs, so as not to alarm him, but all turned out well……. turns out neither suit is going to do much to deter a dog that wants to lick your face though!

Click here to find and download your photos!

The soft factor on these two polar bears is out of control! They make the inside of a new hoody feel like sandpaper in comparison.

“So….. who’s the guy in the suit?”

No…. I know…… but…but… just hear me out Santa. I swear……. the cat did it!”

Mauled for a good cause

There is something unbelievably cool about looking into two different color eyes on the same face, I’m jealous.

” Wait… mom, I’m confused, if you’re Santa….. than who are sitting next to?” 

Mansfield Animal Shelter Volunteer crew 2013!!

Puppies Love Santa too!

I want to thank everyone who came out today to support the Mansfield Animal Shelter!! The fundraiser was quite a success thanks to the efforts of all the amazing people who came out to help, and all of you who brought your furry friends in to get their picture taken with Santa. I don’t care how old they are, all dogs are puppies to me, and I love puppies. Not having my own, I take any chance I can to get some puppy love….. and it was in abundance today! Way too much fun! Money was raised, santa didn’t have his face eaten off, and I got tons of cute pictures of all my new four legged friends……. I’d call that a successful day.

If  you are one of the super rad and generous folks that came out today, I again want to thank you. There are too many furry friends without families that are as kind as yours, but thanks to you the Mansfield Animal Shelter will be able to make this holiday season a little better for them.

To find the photos of yourself from today’s event, click on the link below. This will take you to a gallery of all the photos. Find the ones of you and download away!


If you don’t have a pet, you should….. they’re awesome! There are too many really great animals out there just waiting to make your life more awesome. Wether it’s a cat pawing your face and waking you up far too early in the morning because it still hasn’t figured out the can opener…… or a puppy running by with your favorite pair of shoes in it’s mouth and discovering his new favorite game of keep away….. it doesn’t matter, you love em all the more for it. If you have a furry friend, you know it’s true, if you don’t, you should head on down to the Mansfield Animal Shelter, 175 Fruit St., Mansfield MA, and find out for yourself.

what a good sport santa is

I’m pretty sure that this guy hasn’t figured out how big he is yet, otherwise this wouldn’t be a conversation.

staring contest, they’re actually still sitting there now, I’m gonna swing by tomorrow to see how it’s going.

This what happen’s when you leave my mother and Kenny unattended in the Tractor Supply Store, who by the way was generous enough to let us and about 40 dogs take over their store for the day.

My mother found the animal that she was going to adopt. I had to explain that “adopting” from stores…… was just stealing. Kenny has perfected his leg lock here and is determined to stay on for more than 7 seconds…. good luck to ya Kenny. I’m thinking I’m gonna start rockin a cowboy hat all the time…… maybe.

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Sarah & Rob

Back in the spring my great friend Nick came to me and told me he wanted to hire me to photograph his two really good friends who had recently gotten engaged. He felt like this would be a better wedding present than a new cutting board and some muffin tins….. I couldn’t agree more. It took about 1.2 minutes on the phone for me to realize that Sarah is likely the sweetest person on the planet. We threw around some ideas for a place to shoot and when I heard that the Arnold Arboretum was somewhere Sarah was into, it was on. About 2 minutes into the shoot it was confirmed that Rob too was an amazing and chill guy and that they could not be cuter or more in love. Let the gigglefest begin. We had an absolute blast. It is not hard to take photos that show that people are in love, when it is written all over both of their faces, so props to you two on that one. Towards the end of the shoot Sarah and Rob went and changed so we could play with a little bit of that vintage 1940ish look. I get photo ideas stuck in my head sometimes, and the only way to stop obsessing is to get them out. I didn’t set out this day to get this certain photo out, but gladly seized the opportunity when I saw it. The panorama at the bottom is 8 photos stitched, and pretty damn close to what’d been in my head for a few months…. that is always an amazing feeling.

A huge thank you to Sarah and Rob for being amazing and in love, and to Nick for introducing us. Sarah is cooking dinner tonight as a thank you for the shoot (yes I will work for food), and there is no way I was showing up with no better excuse for not having blogged their photos yet than the fact that I’m a scatterbrained spaz sometimes……

you can click to view larger.

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Storm Chasin…..

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Blink Live @ the Oberon

I have to give a huge big up to the Blink cast and a double big up to Stephanie Heroux, owner of Jazz Inc., producer, choreographer and performer for Blink, and all around rockstar. Getting to roll with these guys from start to finish has been amazing. This group is a bunch of the most talented and hardest working peeps I know. All their hours of learning, rehearsing, and perfecting this show paid off. Blink was a 3 night hit at the Oberon theatre in Cambridge a few weeks ago, and if you didn’t have the chance to catch it, you may not be out of luck. I’d call Blink more of an experience than a show and I don’t want to give too much away, because any words I write will not do justice to seeing these artists at work, but the storyline revolves around a high school reunion. Now, I know you found a reason to skip yours last year, but it wasn’t quite like this. The music is a live band, the stage is every square inch of the club and  dancers are incredible. With the show moving all around you, on different levels, through crowds, on an off moving boxes, etc., you never get bored staring in the same direction, things are constantly changing and you feel like a part of the show…… which made photographing it all the more fun. I went two nights, for that exact reason, and both were awesome.

There is still time to vote for Jazz Inc. to have another chance to see Blink, maybe here…. maybe NY… who knows. Vote and find out! Info can be found at Jazz Inc.’s Fb page

To the Blink dancers….. every one of you has inspired me more than you know…. thank you.

Jazz Inc. Blink

Jazz Inc. is back!! On the last shoot we did a bunch of different things, candids, head shots, action shots, and towards the end I tried a few things with some ‘edgier’ lighting. When you add in some of the more creative stuff, you never really know how it will be received, you hope they love it, but then again, they may just not get it. Rarely do you expect that they will call you back and ask you to come back and do just a bunch of those…..

A few weeks after our last shoot Stephanie, the rock star owner and choreographer of Jazz Inc. got back in touch with me to do just that. She loved the anonymity and ambiguity of not really being able to see peoples faces. She was further along with the choreography and had some ideas for poses, outside of that, she told me to do whatever I wanted. Hmmmmm, free reign with a bunch of super talented and fun dancers…. it’s a tough job, but I guess someone has to do it. Yet again, I had a blast with this crew, probably even more so as I know them all now. I have been experimenting with multiple exposures recently, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Any photo that the same person is in more than once was done in camera with multiple exposures and firing the flash multiple times, all in a single frame.

I can’t wait to shoot with and see all these peeps again!! You can catch them at Oberon on May 1st, 5th and 6th where they will be premiering ‘Blink’, the show that these photos are for. You can find all the information for the show at Jazz Inc.’s website, along with any other info on their upcoming events. I know I’ll be there, you should be too!

Another big thank you to Stephanie and all of the dancers that have put their time, talent and trust into getting these photos. You are all rock stars!

Michael & Allen

these are both multiple exposures done in camera. Michael above and Allen below

Marcia & Lori

this is two exposures of  Marcia

Marty, Tony & Lori

yes Katie can actually fly

this is 10 exposure of Lori’s turns, all done in camera with multiple exposures and repeating flashes

It’s always cool to see how the photos get used in the advertising.

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Mammoth, CA

This trip started as most of ours do, ranting in a late night session about how rad it would be to “insert awesome thing here”, current topic…. west coast pow. We threw out a bunch of great places, and for no particular reason, Mammoth stuck. Well, next thing we know our travel agent and cohort in crime Ann has us booked and packing. It was the usual suspects, Ann, Clinton and Lance. The four of us went out to Park City  a few years ago and had an absolute blast, here we find ourselves again. I have a glamorized perception of rolling through the airport with a snowboard bag. I always think it is the coolest thing, because it means that you are about to fly somewhere sick to ride, this lasts for about 5 min and then I realize it’s heavy, awkward, and broken. Ann didn’t like it after 5 min either, so I got hers too. And yet, it was still awesome. Hop, skip, tylenol pm and a jump and we are in Mammoth, CA landing at what looks quite a bit like a self storage facility in the middle of nowhere. Apparently it’s big enough to land a plane on, because we did.  Good times for everyone…… except the kid who we were all secretly psyched wasn’t one of us, waiting for his bag and realizing that after the last bag that came out wasn’t his, there where no more. Looks like someone’s renting for the week.

I love arriving at places like that at night because you wake up in the morning and look out and think, holy shit….. that looks amazing!! Lance and Clinton essentially taught me to ride, and I’ve been playing catch up since. Ann’s no slouch either. She’ll kill it on the slopes, cook you lunch, plan dinner, make a bunch of new friends and still have time to catch that last lift for one more run. I love riding with these guys. Before we headed out I made sure everyone had downloaded the new Mammoth Mountain App that I had been obsessed with for a month before I got out there. You leave it running in your pocket on your Iphone and it keeps track of how many vertical feet you descend, how long your runs take, how many miles you cover, what trails you were on in real time, and what proved to be all of our personal favorite statistic, how many mph we had reached. I’m willing to bet that if they looked at high speed accidents before and after the release of this app, there would be a discrepancy. We live in a world where, for better or worse, you no longer have to wonder. We have spent years ending runs or days with questions like , how fast had we gone, or was that the trail we had been on when, whatever. 4 days, 51,753 vertical feet, 63.6 miles, and topped out at 65mph…….. Clinton said he got 74 mph, but to quote our friend Brian… pic or it didn’t happen.

As I said before, the catalyst for this trip had been to ride some west coats pow. Yeah…… they got 20ft of snow in Dec., none in Jan., none while we were there, and about another 25ft since we left. Apparently one of us has been a terrible person this year, cause we got f’d on this one. That being said, I will ride all the hard pack and icy conditions they can throw at me if it means I’m riding out there. One major advantage was that, people spoiled by tons of pow, couldn’t be bothered to ride conditions like this, and thats most of what we ride out here, so it was no big deal to us and we had the place to ourselves. Top to bottoms without crossing paths with anyone you weren’t there with….. I’ll take it.

We picked up a couple of friends along the way. Kelly and Jason are two super rad Aussie kids who decided last minute on their break, that they would head to the U.S. and go on a 3 week road trip. They saw more in 3 weeks here than most Americans will venture to see in their lifetime. Having never seen snow before, they figured, why not spend a few days of their trip at Mammoth learning to ride, and ride they did. Now, I know I said before that it didn’t snow at all while we were there, but it did flurry for a little while, so I was glad they at least got to see snow coming down, even if it was only a little. Right before we headed home I hooked up with them for a bit to capture their newfound riding skills and a little bit of trail side cuteness. These two are rock stars, and perfect examples of what spontaneity should be.

At the end of the day, pow or no pow, this trip was nothing short of epic. Tons of great pics, even more great memories, a new high score to beat and some new friends……. here’s to the next one. I figure if I plant enough Heli-riding seeds around Ann, who knows where we’ll end up next year!



I get ideas for photos stuck in my head sometimes. They haunt me until I find them. The above picture has been in my head for years and I have never been able find the right place for it. When I saw this ridge I told myself that if I came home with nothing more than that one picture I had been searching for, I would call it a success. I couldn’t be happier with how both of these came out, I am bummed that I don’t know either of these guys, I just waited patiently and hoped something like this would happen at the ridge. I feel either of them would be pretty stoked with this on their wall. That’s ok, I’ll put it on my wall and be stoked for them.

the lights are the groomers on the back side of the mountain, not UFO’s landing as I had previously suspected

stitched panorama from the top of the gondola

I started an ongoing project years ago. I photograph my feet in a way that represents or show where I am. I have hundreds, I want thousands. Someday, years from now, I’ll put them all together in a giant photomosaic.

I am rarely happier than when I am on a snowboard

Ann, Lance, Clinton, Me

the above is a single frame so you can see them better on the trail below

below is 5 photos stitched as a panorama. notice the lack of anybody but us on the entire back side of the mountain

Lance wore his camouflage jacket

Kelly & Jason

Oh yeah, and did I mention that Shaun White was there! He heard I was up there that week and had been wanting to get some tips from me for the next Olympics, I hooked him up with a few tips…. good luck Shaun!

Lance was appalled that he was taking the chairlift up instead of having the Red Bull heli bring him tho the top of the park. I explained, what’s the point to having your own gold plated chair on the lift if you’re just gonna take the heli.

San Fran @ night

Boston in the am

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