When I was a kid, I would run around with my camera and pretend I was a photographer…… now that I’m a photographer, I run around with my camera and act like a kid.
I graduated New England School of Photography in 2007 and have been blessed to be working as a photographer since. My best friend and I started Hitched Studios, a wedding photography studio, pretty much the day after we graduated. We were voted Best of Boston by Boston magazine in 2011, and have since been catapult on an amazing adventure of growth, both individually and as a business. At the core of my photographic passion, lay a snowboard, a kayak, a surfboard or a climbing rope. My love for action sports was my biggest draw to photography, I hope that when I’m 80 years old, I’ll still be kneeling in the snow on the middle of the trail, getting one of my ever patient friends to do something ridiculous for a photo.

As with my camera, I have also had tools in my hands since I was a little kid. I would nail misc. gears and springs I had salvaged to a log, and that’s what you were getting for Xmas….. probably still is. I was raised to explore, imagine, play and wonder. I was taught to stand a little left of center, make mistakes, question authority, choose the road less traveled, and to take it apart if I wanted to know how it worked… I live by these values…..